😱 😱 It's crazy being normal! 😁 😁
😱 😱 It's crazy being normal! 😁 😁
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DC fashion week, we’re back!

We could not be more excited to be invited back this year to showcase our swimwear line at DC Fashion Week 2018. We will be displaying our bright, beautiful, jungle-inspired men’s swimsuits. They come down to about halfway above the knee, and are covered in tattoo-style animals and prints. Be sure to look for Costello Swimwear at DC swim week. We will be the sexy people wearing gorgeous swimsuits!

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Costello Swimwear

Ran “Costello” Shimoni, a gifted Israeli tattoo artist and fashion designer, started our company. He gets his inspiration from the colorful and dynamic environment around him found in Los Angeles, California. Costello brings together two fond loves: neo-traditional art and vintage style, to bring you a work of art in every piece.

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