😱 😱 Santa Sale! All Trunks Are $59 - FREE SHIPPING ON ALL US ORDERS😁 😁
😱 😱 Santa Sale! All Trunks Are $59 - FREE SHIPPING ON ALL US ORDERS😁 😁
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About Costello


Costello is a high-end swimwear, fashion, and lifestyle brand that brings art to life.

Ran “Costello” Shimoni, a gifted Israeli tattoo artist and fashion designer, started our company. He gets his inspiration from the colorful and dynamic environment around him found in Los Angeles, California. Costello brings together two fond loves: neo-traditional art and vintage style, to bring you a work of art in every piece.

We are currently a swimwear line, however we are hoping to expand into new territory soon; our dream is to include a vast assortment of diverse products for the diverse individuals we cater to.

Each piece is meticulously chosen for fabric quality and inspired by a lifelong love of professional tattooing. Our vision is to embody a unique taste of fun and practicality. Ran “Costello” Shimoni draws out the designs of the bathing suits in the same way he draws out tattoos. Many of his designs can be seen both on human bodies as tattoos as well as patterns on swimsuits.

We are excited to share this journey with each and every person. We believe that everyone can find something they love in our designs; seeing as they are created with so much passion and zeal. We are constantly growing and developing and we are so excited to be making this dream a reality. 


Much love,

About Costello

Costello is an L.A based high-end swimwear fashion and lifestyle brand that brings art to life.

Started by two friends, Ran Shimoni (Costello), a gifted tattoo artist, and Tzafrir Cohen an experienced fashion insider, this combination of an amazing friendship, art, and fashion brought the concept of Costello to life.

The two worlds of art and fashion and the desire to deliver the world something creative, and at the same time practical, can only be described as simply “super cool”.

At Costello, vigorously choosing the very best fabrics and selecting the most special patterns, these are more than just shorts. These items are thoughtfully designed swimwear pieces that are not only comfortable to wear in and out of the water, but add a fun and unique twist to swim attire. With artwork prints created by hand and designed in Los Angeles, CA, each garment is truly a unique work of art that will set you apart from the norm, anywhere you choose to wear it.

Quality fabric and innovative design, inspired by a fashion forward mindset and the love for art.